Ronny Cox at the Sebastiani Theatre

by Ronny Cox

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released January 1, 2006



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Ronny Cox Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: From Here To There
New York City in the pouring rain
Long way from Santa Fe
You can measure the miles but
you can't change
The reasons you came by this way
So many faces in your memory
All those places...just had to be
You can't go back
That's the price of the fare
That gets you from here to there

A desert town on a summer night
A thousand years ago
A restless boy, hell-bent for something
Hell...what it is, he don't even know
Headlights on the highway
Carried my dreams
I knew that someday...they'd carry me
It's a cry in the night...
It's a whispered prayer
That gets you from here to there

Sittin' here thinking by the railroad tracks
Ain't complaining...just statin' facts
If you wake up in the mornin and you can still care
Oh, that gets you from here to there

So many faces in your memory
You walked away...(it) just had to be
Sometimes it's the road
That ain't going nowhere
That gets you from here to there
Takes you from here
Oh, that gets you from here to there
Oh, that gets you from here to there
Track Name: Hot Water Cornbread
You need two cups of cornbread, finely ground
Make sure it's white when they mill it
And then some oil, about an inch deep
Real hot, but not smokin' in the skillet
Four spoons of flour, a teaspoon of salt
Then you pour from that whistlin' pot
Two cups of boiling water
Be careful, don't you spill it

Now comes the tricky part, you gotta add the water
To all that dry stuff you got
And the only way to do it is to put our hands in it
Do it quickly, 'cause it's hot
Drop 'em in the skillet when they're round
Turn 'em over once they're brown
Feeds four hungry people, and that's a lot

Hot water cornbreat, my grandma's cornbread
I see her in the kitchen, oh, I miss her so
I hear my grandma saying "Bless my soul"

It takes me back to childhood Sunday mornings
Grandma singing in some mystery key
I hear my daddy saying "Rise and shine, you lazy cowboy"
Someone's in there cooking up a special treat for us to eat
And I know just what he's talking about so I jump out of bed
It's gotta be my grandma's sweet cornbread


Now I ain't had any hot water cornbread since I I grew up and moved away
'Cause the doctors nowadays say if you eat that fried stuff
There's gonna be hell to pay
Well, I guess they're right but here's what I think
If you spend your life trying to be in the pink
You don't really live any longer, it just seems that way

My grandma used to say "Bless my soul"
Track Name: Bus to Baltimore
She stood on the corner, lost in time
Trying to get back, to somewhere in her mind
"Mister, can you help me find the place I'm looking for?
I am waiting for the bus to Baltimore."

Pale blue dress, neatly pressed, nothing out of place
Snow white hair, coal black eyes, a sweet angelic face
"I' really got to get back home, I've got so many chores
So I'm waiting for the bus to Baltimore."

"That's where my two precious babies sleep
Where Dad and Harvey decorate the tree
Ruth still has a fever, Cathy scrape her little knee
They need me."

Then a younger woman came, took her by the hand
"Have you been telling stories, Mom, to this nice young man?
The house we had in Maryland burned down in '64
Still she's waiting for the bus to Baltimore."

'Cause that's where her two precious babies lie asleep
Where her daddy decorates the Christmas tree
Ruth has move to Philly, now all that's left is me
And she needs me

Sometimes late at night on the edge of sleep
I think about that sad, sweet woman on the street
And I wonder if she found the peace she was longing for
Oh, I hope she found the bus to Baltimore
Track Name: In New Orleans
On the levee by the lazy Mississippi
When that sun goes down Cresent City starts to cookin'
We'll add a pinch of me and you
To that old French Quarter stew
'Cuz it don't matter who do voodoo
In New Orleans, only in New Orleans

If you want music it's there on every corner
Dancin' in the streets
They got them taps nailed to their sneakers
You can Dixie-Land or blues it, all you gotta do is choose it
You got a problem you can lose it
In New Orleans, only in New Orleans

Bayou ladies, they're tall and tan and sassy
My head turns clear around
Every time one sashays past me
If you can't find love down there you can't find it anywhere
'Cause there's magic in the air down in
New Orleans, only in New Orleans

Oh my plane left yesterday
But I'm still here to say

Laissez le....Bon Temp Roulez
In New Orleans, only in New Orleans
Laissez le....Bon Temp Roulez
Only in New Orleans
Track Name: Quintanaroo
The shadow of a ceiling fan sweeps across the floor
He stares at the shutters, stays out of view
So many reasons, he's forgotten them now
But he followed them all to Quintanaroo

He'd kill for a cigarette, the Cuervo is gone
Nowhere to go, nothing to do
So he waits for the chance, slip out with the dawn
But dawn takes forever in Quintanaroo

Once it was easy, you could always talk your way out
It didn't matter if what you said was true
Truth and lies are all the same, hell, everything you knew
Don't mean nothing in Quintanaroo

From Lupo's cantina music seeps through the door
And it plays like a movie there in his head
The burning white flash, the look of surprise
The cobblestone street, a river of red


He knows that they'll find him, it's just a matter of time
No one can save you in Quintanaroo
Truth and lies are all the same, hell, everything you knew
Don't mean nothing in Quintanaroo
No one can save you, in Quintanaroo