Cowboy Savant

by Ronny Cox

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released January 1, 2002



all rights reserved


Ronny Cox Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Always in the Wind
The old man said it's in the canyon
It lives up there behind the mountain
(and) Every branch of every pinon tree
Maybe I was just too young then
Too damned smart and way too dumb then
It took me all this time to finally see

Everywhere I go
It's underneath my skin
It's more than I can know
And it's always in the wind

Lightning streaks across the desert
I hold you close, wetry to measure
How long 'til the thunder makes the sound
Sometimes it can rain forever
First a drop, and then a river
And sometimes it don't even reach the ground


Quaking aspens in the Fall
A song in the morning
A lonely coyote crying at the night
The laughter of a little girl
Dust devils in the distance
Heat waves in the noon day sun
New fallen snow
The smell of her hair
The moon sitting up there on the mesa
Bluffs rising up like ships on the horizon
After the thunder sleeps
Before the wind begins


Track Name: Silver City
On my way to Silve City
Was a man I meant to see
Drivin' through the Black Range Mountains
When it all came back to me
You said meet me by the river
We would start our brand new life
Your daddy swore you were his treasure
You would never be my wife

A thousand tears fall in the darkness
A thousand times I've wondered why
How it hurts now to remember
I'd forgotten how to cry

They said he tried to stop you
You ran out into the night
Seven miles down that highway
When I saw those flashing lights

On my way to Silver City
Fightin' back those memories
Lord I've tried but I can't outrun them
Guess they'll always follow me

Track Name: Quintanaroo
The shadow of a ceiling fan sweeps across the floor
He stares at the shutters, stays out of view
So many reasons, he's forgotten them now
But he followed them all to Quintanaroo

He'd kill for a cigarette, the Cuervo is gone
Nowhere to go, nothing to do
So he waits for the chance, slip out with the dawn
But dawn takes forever in Quintanaroo

Once it was easy, you could always talk your way out
It didn't matter if what you said was true
Truth and lies are all the same, hell, everything you knew
Don't mean nothing in Quintanaroo

From Lupo's cantina music seeps through the door
And it plays like a movie there in his head
The burning white flash, the look of surprise
The cobblestone street, a river of red


He knows that they'll find him, it's just a matter of time
No one can save you in Quintanaroo
Truth and lies are all the same, hell, everything you knew
Don't mean nothing in Quintanaroo
No one can save you, in Quintanaroo
Track Name: Comin' Back To You
An ol' rusty nail stole the air from my whitewall tire
A black cat on a ladder crossed the moon
And I counted 13 steps from where you threw my mirror
I don't think I'm comin' back to you

Tried not to notice when you stepped upon that sidewalk crack
It didn't have to mean our love affair was doomed
But you laughed at me, and said I'm too damned superstitious
I don't think I'm comin' back to you

You tossed my lucky boot
You replaced it with that chicken foot
I'm tryin' to figure out exactly when I lost control
A hurricane has wrecked my car, my pool is missing from my back yard
Hell, my dog's even starting to look like Marie Leveau

Now I think about it, since the day that you moved in here
My little parakeet's turned awfully mean and cruel
And just last night my goldfish nailed me with an evil eye
I don't think I'm comin' back to you


Woke up this morning had this awful pain there in my neck
I saw a doll that looked like me danglin' from a noose
You can have my house, I left the keys out in the mailbox
I don't think I'm comin' back...I'm pretty sure I'm not comin' back...
Ain't a chance in hell I'm comin' back to you
Track Name: Through Your Eyes
Got on at Springfield this morning
Headed straight into the rising sun,
Gonna take that ride on the Continental Divide
All the way to the Bay of Galveston

How long since you've seen the hills of Texas
Walked along beneathe that endless sky
I can still hear you describe your true paradise
I want to see it through your eyes

Time is a place you remember
Rollin' through your dreams at night
You said "Time is just a train on an old Southbound line"
I want to see it through your eyes

Looking out the door of this boxcar
I see a herd of mustang runnin' wild
You would know where they are going and you'd know the reason why
I want to see it through your eyes

Track Name: Done Movin'
Shovelled coal in West Virginia mines
Cured tobacco down in Caroline
Logged a forest near the Puget Sound
I got drunk in every bar in town

Worked Alaska on that long pipeline
Covered Kansas on an old combine
But when I found the place that I love best
This man in motion finally came to rest

I'm done movin'
Layin' roots down on this farm
Tell ya, I'm done movin'
I'm stayin' home here in our arms

Drove a big rig 'cross the Great Divide
I found out it was a lonesome ride
Climbed the Sierras with a screen and pan
Searched for gold; all I found was sand


Been to Boulder and to Boston, too
Anywhere there was a job to do
But I promised on the day we wed
Threw out my knapsack and I bought a bed

I'm done movin'
I'm stayin' on this land
Yeah, I'm done movin'
I'm gonna be her family man
My baby loves me where I am
My baby loves me where I am
Track Name: Trash Meets The Cash
There's a place this side of Dallas
You can get the picture from the parking lot
Where that old dented Chevy pickup truck
Wonders if that custom Cadillac is hot....or what
That's where the trash meets the cash

The Duke of Oil
Brought the Cowtown Princess
She wants that rowdy roughneck struttin' past
But he's got his eye on the bimbette with the banker
That's where the trash meets the cash

They come from Hereford, Amarillo and Odessa
Position sought: diggin' for gold
And from the boardrooms and from Niemann's
To that not-so-silent auction
Where what can't be bought, nonetheless, is sold
Good is good, bad is better
Where the trash meets the cash

Well, there's fast talk and there's sweet talk
Sometimes there ain't no talk at all
They go for broke in that neon shopping mall
They've even got a scoreboard on the wall
Good is good, bad is better
Where the trash meets the cash


I guess it all comes down to family values
Where the trash meets the cash
Track Name: Back Then
I caught a glimpse of her
Out in the garden
The soft sunset lit up her face
It took me back to the first time
I saw her
Seems like yesterday
That quick easy smile
Stopped me dead in my tracks
When her brown eyes
Took my heart for a spin
She's prettier now
Than she's ever been
And she was beautiful..back then

I remember the time
I was pacing in panic
On a bitter cold gray winter morn
I still hear the doctor
Sayin' take a deep breath, son
By the way, your son's been born
I rushed to her side...I watched in awe
When the nurse brought
Her new baby in
She's prettier now
Than she's ever been
And she was beautiful..back then

Try to say what she means to me
Don't know where to start
Something's missing inside of me
Any time we're apart

I caught a glimpse of me
There in the mirror
Time has put gray in my hair
I'm lookin' older - she just looks better
But you know, she wouldn't care
She's never been concerned with looks
She knows beauty comes from within
She's prettier now
Than she's ever been
And she was beautiful..back then

I love her more now than I ever did
And she was the world...back then
Track Name: From The Dust
In the beginning
The world was a warehouse
The Old Man was tinkering in his shop
He worked on the trees
And then on the breeze
Then, at the end of the day,
He scooped up a handful of clay
We all know what he made
From the dust

In the thirties
The wind took the topsoil
He loved whipping up those
Angry clouds
Sometimes all we ate
Was the grit on our plates
Mama would pray through the night
I can still see that look in her eyes
Let those pastures of plenty arise
From the dust

From the dust I saw a flower bloom
From the dust I see myself in you
Our dreams can still come true
I can see it shining through
From the dust
From the dust

The world crashed around us
Fire rained down from the sky
From the man on the street
To the cop on the beat
We were better than we
Ever thought we were
And from that fire that still burns
I still believe hope returns
From the dust